GENOMICA is a pioneer in the implementation of laboratories and quality systems related to genetic analysis. GENOMICA is also an expert in quality assurance procedures and personnel training required for all stages of the process.

Implementation of

Specialized laboratories

We offer the best process of implementation of specialized laboratory in DNA analysis. The investment in a DNA laboratory that complies with the quality controls and systems that GENOMICA offers for DNA analysis, presents an excellent cost / benefit ratio and is essential for the present and future development of the scientific police and the judicial system.

Set up of

Forensic Genetics Laboratories

The forensic genetics technology transfer service that GENOMICA offers, starting from a simple idea, the implementation and start-up of a forensic genetics laboratory, as well as the adequate training of the personnel. The flexibility offered, allows to adapt the user’s needs to the project, without altering the quality assurance procedures, and respecting a good cost/benefit ratio.

Phases of the process

Phase I. Laboratory Design

GENOMICA projects the design of the laboratories, according to their functional characteristics, equipment needs, consumables, consumables and reagents. Adequately defining these needs with the highest degree of accuracy ensures that the cost/benefit ratio of the laboratory is optimal. GENOMICA’s experience in the implementation of DNA technology guarantees the full satisfaction of our clients and an extraordinary quality performance of the new forensic genetics laboratories implemented.

Phase II. Project implementation

Once the operational needs of the laboratory have been defined, GENOMICA starts the project execution process in several stages:

          • • Division and conditioning of work rooms:
          • • Supply of equipment, consumables, consumable materials, consumables and reagents.

Phase III. Scientific and technical training

GENOMICA develops a specific training plan for each project according to the different techniques implemented. It is given, both in its theoretical and practical component, by GENOMICA technicians, qualified and with a long professional experience in the field of forensic genetic analysis.

The development will take place in the installed laboratory, and guarantees to the technical staff and end users of the laboratory, the knowledge of the theoretical foundations and the practical development of the different stages and techniques for DNA analysis with different types of samples. Upon completion of the training, a competency evaluation and certification will take place for all personnel involved in the different stages of DNA analysis.

Phase IV. Technical support

Once the forensic genetics laboratory implementation project is completed, GENOMICA offers technical support to the laboratory. This support is provided through a user-supplier “hotline” for the consultation of technical problems or doubts and their resolution. Likewise, GENOMICA endorses the incorporation of the implemented laboratory to the International Societies of Forensic Genetics.

Projects and collaborations

GENOMICA has participated in the implementation of DNA analysis as well as in the start-up of the DNA analysis units of the following laboratories: