Third party services


GENOMICA offers the services of Ad hoc Development, Technology Transfer and OEM and NGS Services. 

Ah hoc projects


GENOMICA offers the possibility of ad hoc developments for molecular diagnostic kits based on our CLART® technology (multiplex PCR + low density microarray detection), as well as on Real Time PCR technology.

Our R&D team has more than 20 years of experience in the design and development of this type of products, which can be developed and manufactured in our facilities regardless of their purpose (application in human and animal health, food, environment, etc.).

Technology transfer and OEM Opportunities


Once the product is developed, our QARA (Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs) team provides support in clinical validation and regulatory certification (CE marking according to EU Regulation 2017/746).

GENOMICA can perform the manufacturing of the product in its facilities under ISO 13.485 conditions or transfer the technology for manufacturing at the customer’s facilities.

We also offer OEM manufacturing of portfolio products adapted to the customer’s format and needs.

NGS Services


GENOMICA offers massive sequencing services for hospitals and laboratories. These services are aimed at collaborations in projects that require a large volume of analysis.

The quality of the data obtained is far superior compared to other technologies. It becomes the most appropriate technology for the diagnosis of diseases with gene heterogeneity, studies of tumor profiles and their response to drugs and of course for the identification of new genes associated with genetic diseases through Whole Exome sequencing.

GENOMICA has more than 30 years of experience in the development and commercialization of diagnostic kits. We have a great active experience in the participation with other centers for research studies, with a highly qualified staff and the best NGS equipment always looking for the most competitive price.

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