Presence in more than 30 countries

GENOMICA began its international expansion in 2006, initially focusing on the European market. Already in 2007, the company made the leap to the American Continent, expanding its market to Central and South American countries. Today, GENOMICA is present in more than 30 countries around the world through local distributors.

January 2013 saw the opening of GENOMICA’s first subsidiary in Sweden: GENOMICA AB. Located in the Swedish city of Lund, one of the most active areas in Europe in biomedical research and biotechnology, GENOMICA AB focuses on the Scandinavian market.

At the end of 2013, GENOMICA opens its first commercial representative office in the People’s Republic of China. At the end of 2017 GENOMICA officially opens its first subsidiary in China, becoming the first Spanish biotech company with its own subsidiary in this country. Based in the Biolake in the city of Wuhan (Hubei), this opening boosts the business in the Chinese market, as well as in the Asia-Pacific area.