Microbiological diagnosis, personalized medicine and oncology


CLART® is a low-density microarray-based platform for clinical use that allows multiple target detection in a single test.

CLART® is a low-density microarray-based platform for clinical use that allows multiple target detection in a single test. The processing of the samples is very simple and the analysis of the results is carried out automatically through software and an automatic reader (CAR® or CLINICAL ARRAY READER) that makes this technique an easy-to-use tool, allowing the implantation of this technology in all types of molecular diagnostic laboratories.

The use of CLART® offers the possibility of making a rapid, sensitive and specific diagnosis with high quality guarantees, which facilitates the clinician in making a decision on time.


autoclart® plus


autoclart® plus is GENOMICA’s latest post-PCR automation equipment that combines the processes for sample visualization with an array reader (Clinical Array Reader). It has been created to optimize results using CLART® technology.

The new and improved interface allows to program different modes of sample processing while maintaining the ease of plug and play system. During operation the equipment displays different screens allowing easy step-by-step monitoring. An ideal instrument for clinical laboratories.


CAR®: Clinical Array Reader 


CAR (Clinical Array Reader) is a colorimetric microarray reading unit, which performs automatic reading, analysis and interpretation of the results of CLART strips. The reader has a user interface called Cleis, developed based on user experience and feedback provided by customers, thus obtaining a very intuitive and user-friendly format.




It is the instrument that allows the automation of the complete visualization process, reducing considerably the time dedicated to the performance of the technique, as well as the intra-assay variability.

Its compact size and flexibility in the number of sample processing (4 to 96 simultaneously), make it suitable for all types of laboratories.


SAICLART® is GENOMICA’s image processing software for microarray analysis and interpretation. Originally developed for its diagnostic platform, it is now capable of processing all types of microarrays spooled in slides, wells or microplates.

Image analysis is performed in a fully automated way, avoiding any subjectivity that could introduce user involvement. Results are obtained quickly, accurately and reproducibly. Its architecture makes it highly adaptable to all types of laboratories, both R&D and in vitro diagnostic laboratories.